About the Dirac Science Day

DiRAC (Distributed Research utilising Advanced Computing) is the UK’s HPC facility for astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and particle physics. The University of Exeter will host the seventh annual DiRAC science day on August 30th 2017.

The day provides an opportunity for members of the DiRAC community to present results, as well as learning about the scientific highlights of the various consortia across the DiRAC project.

DiRAC users will have the opportunity to meet members of the technical support teams for DiRAC machines in person, as well as to interact with leading industry vendors.

The day will conclude with a poster session, featuring scientific achievements from throughout the DiRAC project. All attendees are encouraged to bring a poster to exhibit recent scientific achievements. Poster prizes, kindly donated by Lenovo, are:

Archer HPC Training Day

On the following days (August 31st - September 1st) we are hosting an Archer HPC training event. During the registration you will be able to indicate if you wish to attend.

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Abstract Submission

Submission of abstracts has now closed, however we will endeavour to accommodate any submissions for posters that we receive until the event. This can be done during registration.

  • Laura Redfern
  • Thomas Haworth
    Imperial College London
  • Clare Jenner
  • Craig McNeile
    Plymouth University
  • Martin Bourne
    IoA/KICC, University of Cambridge
  • Tony Arber
    University of Warwick
  • Nathan Mayne
    University of Exeter
  • Jayesh Goyal
    University of Exeter
  • Matthew Bate
    University of Exeter
  • Mark Wilkinson
    University of Leicester
  • Alan Real
    Durham University / DiRAC OSC
  • Sergio Martin-Alvarez
    University of Oxford
  • Benjamin Drummond
    University of Exeter
  • Anthony Davenport
  • Andy Turner
  • Ewald Puchwein
    Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
  • Alberto Stec
  • Adrian Jenkins
    Durham University
  • Michael Jones
    University of Exeter
  • Ralph Schoenrich
  • Felix Sainsbury-Martinez
    University of Exeter
  • Roger Horsley
    University of Edinburgh
  • Ahmad Ali
    University of Exeter
  • Stefan Lines
    University of Exeter
  • Andrew Hillier
    University of Exeter
  • Andrea Cristini
    Keele university
  • Andrew Lawson
    University of Southampton
  • Barry Mant
    University College London
  • James Wurster
    University of Exeter
  • Tom Goffrey
    University of Exeter
  • Thomas Constantino
    University of Exeter
  • James Harrison
    University of Southampton
  • Matthew Wingate
    University of Cambridge
  • Simon Hands
    Swansea University
  • Alessandro Pastore
    University of York
  • Matthieu Schaller
    ICC, Durham University
  • Christine Davies
    University of Glasgow
  • Matthew Smith
    IoA, Cambridge
  • Romas Smilgys
    University of St Andrews
  • William Lucas
    University of St Andrews
  • Marius Ramsøy
    University of Oxford
  • Ed Browne
    DDN Storage
  • Kate Steele
    Lenovo UK
  • James Coomer
  • Georgina Ellis
  • Darren J Harkins
  • Steve Davey
    Mellanox Technologies
  • John Swinburne
  • Colin Bridger
    Mellanox Technologies Ltd
  • Mark Rothwell
    DDN Storage
  • Florian Debras
    ENS Lyon and University of Exeter
  • Colin McNally
    Queen Mary University of London
  • Paul Rakow
    University of Liverpool
  • Isabelle Baraffe
    University of Exeter
  • Tom Bending
    University of Exeter
  • Amery Gration
    University of Leicester
  • Ramon Rey-Raposo
    University of Surrey
  • Joanne Mason
    University of Exeter
  • Edward Jacob
    Fauchon-Jones Cardiff University
  • Gilles Chabrier
    University of Exeter
  • Andrew Gilbert
    University of Exeter
  • Mark Fletcher
    University Of Leicester
  • Christian Faber
    University of Leicester
  • Filippo Spiga
    University of Cambridge
  • Kevin Masterson
    Cray UK Ltd.
  • Mark Phillips
    University of Exeter
  • Tom Douglas
    university of exeter
  • Chris Allton
    Swansea University
  • James Willis
    Durham University, ICC
  • Hasanuddin Hasanuddin
    University of Leicester
  • Jeremy Yates
  • Mark Kibblewhite
  • Christopher Maynard
    Met Office
  • Michael Logan
  • Steve Barson